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@ddjelle, @ehwillems and @yordidam started working together during the first half of 2013. Our ambition is to set up a data-driven news service for local and regional media under the name of LocalFocus. With LocalFocus we won The Challenge, a competition for innovative ideas in journalism organized by the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Pers.

@ddjelle started working in datajournalism in 2011 at the Dutch news site NU.nl. At the moment he’s involved in the production of the new season of Holland from Above and teaches a datajournalism course at Windesheim School for Journalism. @yordidam is a journalist with a keen interest in information design and visual storytelling. He currently works as an infographics editor for Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and nrc.next. @ehwillems is a programmer and journalist. He uses the latest computer techniques to find, crunch and visualize large datasets. Web scraping and 'investigation robots' are his specialities.


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